Are you frustrated by your road to recovery?

In the last few years, we’ve had a shift in our new patients. For the longest time, the majority of our patients have come from word of mouth – someone who has been referred by a teammate, workout buddy, work friend, or family member. Our patients know that what we do here is so different, that they have even gone through the lengths to gift their friends or significant others their visits.  This shows you how tired they are of hearing people complain about pain! Typically, it starts with one member of the family or community, and then soon enough, our waiting room seems to all know each other! We often hear that we are the topic of conversation at the dinner table or office, and we couldn’t be more flattered. Our old school patients are shocked to hear that now more than 50% of our patients are located outside of San Francisco. Commonly people drive up from San Jose or even the Sacramento area. We even have patients who fly into San Francisco from out of state for a few weeks to get relief from our treatments before flying back home.

Nowadays, we are finding that more and more of the new members of our ProActive family are finding us online, mainly through Google and Yelp, based on our reviews. These are the patients who have taken the time to do their due diligence. They have researched what Dr. Google has to say about their condition (never a good idea to rely on that exclusively), have already had care at other clinics, and have gotten their second, third, and even fourth opinion from other doctors.

They are ultimately brought into our office as a result of reading our testimonials about how we can fix issues that other professionals have not been able to figure out. They decide, “let’s just give this a chance, especially with the First Visit Guarantee“. These individuals show up with their MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, or stories of multiple other providers ranging from neurologists to chiropractors who just could not help them get lasting improvement. Yes, there were times when they would get brief relief, but then it regresses. When this happens, they are often told that there is nothing they can do about it, which can be so disheartening and frustrating. 

That’s where we come in and shine! We’re not going to lie – we personally hate it when we hear this story from patients. We believe that your health team should do whatever possible to get you answers or at the very least, refer you to the right people. When we hear this story, it makes us want to be even better detectives and spend the time to get to the bottom of it. Whether that’s using neurological testing, muscle tests, movement screens, Graston, Fascial Distortion Model, low-level laser, nutrition, cupping, Voodoo floss, KT taping, getting imaging done, or co-managing, we are going to get this figured out! 

ProActive Chiropractic was founded with the intention to provide long-lasting results and answers for patients. Rather than the traditional chiropractic experience most of us hear about (being put on the table, poked, rubbed, and twisted and cracked), we strive to give patients instant gratification by showing and educating them about what is happening within their bodies. By utilizing a pre and post-test through muscle testing, patients can literally feel where the body is out of balance. This takes the guessing out of the equation and leaves both the patient and doctor confident about where the root of the problem lies. The doctors take the time to check different ligaments, muscles, joints, and even how stress is causing your headaches, neck pain, and jaw tension…it’s a whole-bodied approach. We know that if one part of your body is misaligned, their neighboring parts will be too. This means that even though you are coming in with just neck pain, the doctors will still be addressing the entire body. This methodology has gained us much popularity over the years, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to show patients what we think chiropractic should look like. To us, we believe that chiropractic care should never be stagnant. Our work is not done until we have succeeded in helping our patients maintain the quality of life they deserve. 

This is the same motivated thinking that was developed when Dr. Cohen was working with Team USA over the past 6 years. When working with Olympic athletes that have given their lives to compete, we don’t just give up. Our job is to not give up and say “you’re too old to ski or play basketball” or “you’re just going to have to live with it”. We, the medical team (made up of chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and MDs) collaborate and think outside of the box. We exhaust all treatment plans – from basic training to using the most cutting edge technologies to get the athlete back to what they love. We do not wait around for the injury to resolve itself. We persevere until we advance in progress. 

Dr. Cohen brings his Olympic training experience into our San Francisco office. In fact, his mentality has even rubbed off on Dr. Chu as she has become even more impatient than you when it comes to getting you back to 100% again. At ProActive Chiropractic, our team treats you no less than a professional athlete. Until you have reached your goal, it is our mission to do whatever we can to keep you from plateauing within our scope.

If you fall in that category where you have started doubting whether anyone will ever get you back to what you love, we hope our mentality rubs off on you and you simply don’t give up. We got you! 

Listen – we don’t claim to fix everyone. But we do have a great track record! We significantly help 75% of tough cases (the injuries from freak accidents, congenital disorders that cause strange pains, odd new sensations, vertigo, chronic pain, etc…).

As much as we wish we could help everyone, the reality is that we are not miracle workers 100% of the time, despite what reviewers write on Yelp and Google. :) For those that we are not able to help, we guarantee we will get you to someone that is better suited for your issue. We will not just pass you along but will make sure to educate and guide you along the way.

We will never leave you hanging. 

We wish our odds were better than 75% and know we can improve, so we are doing everything we can to better ourselves as clinicians to be well equipped for whatever case may come our way. We are regularly collaborating with other providers, attending continuing education courses, practicing our trade, and working high profile events with the best of the sports medicine team and best athletes to improve our odds. Remember our mantra? Reset. Readjust. Refocus. Just Don’t Quit. We constantly are working on ourselves so we can better serve our community. We value your trust and we want you to know that we do not take that lightly. 

We hope that you never encounter a situation where you are told you need to stop doing whatever it is that makes your life brighter. But if you do, please do not take that for an answer. We invite you to experience chiropractic, the ProActive way, with a complimentary consultation on us. We look forward to meeting you!