VoteAccording to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, the 2020 election has caused a whopping 68% of Americans a “significant source of stress”, which is a noticeable increase from the 46% reported in 2016. With the country in a seemingly never-ending state of division and uncertainty, it is really no wonder that election-related stress has such an impactful effect on the wellness of the American people. 

During this election cycle, are you feeling anxious, tense, or unrelaxed? Perhaps the circumstances surrounding the world are causing you the inability to enjoy even the basic pleasure of a good night’s sleep.

ProActive Chiropractic is here to lend a hand during your moments of hardship, distress, and discomfort. Dr. Andrew Cohen and Dr. Nancy Chu’s holistic methods focus on the anatomy of the body and target muscles, organs, joints, ligaments, and fascia (that are negatively affected by our body’s natural stress responses) in order to get you feeling healthier. The ProActive philosophy and approach towards a healthy mind-body balance include adjustments catered precisely to the patient’s needs, exercises that aim to maintain post-adjustment wellness, and suggestions on supplements that aid in any persistent symptoms in order to support physical as well as psychological well being. 

The methods of our doctors aim to give our patients the freedom and physical liberties necessary to go about their lives at their highest potential. Adjustments made by Dr. Andrew Cohen and Dr. Nancy Chu trigger the release of positive, “feel-good” hormones such as neurotensin and oxytocin to encourage relief and can aid in longer, more restful sleep. An aspect that is missing –but vitally important– within most people’s lives is an in-person check-up with a healthcare provider with the goal of improved wellness in mind. Whether you are a professional athlete or sit at your desk in excess of 6 hours for work, there is a massive benefit to visiting ProActive Chiropractic for getting you in your best shape once more. 

It may seem, at times, that we are powerless to control the circumstances surrounding the world. What you do have control over, however, is the wellness of your body and making sure that you are healthy to take on life; no matter how hectic the world may be. Treat yourself!