Overcome Setbacks and Maximize Your Anti-Aging Journey with the Help of a Longevity Chiropractor

Are you committed to hacking the aging process through nutrition, supplements, and intense workouts? While you strive for longevity, it’s crucial to plan for setbacks that may disrupt your progress.
The people who pursue longevity are a self-disciplined group, but that doesn’t prevent them from experiencing one common setback, often beyond our control: injury. My recent wrist and shoulder injuries really brought this truth home to me. I didn’t make a mistake or a foolish gamble, but I still faced months of pain and inability to exercise like I usually do. And it doesn’t take a car wreck or falling off a cliff while mountain biking. The stress of high pressure work and vibrant personal lives can impact your workout schedule and recovery time.
These unavoidable fluctuations in our exercise routines can derail longevity goals. Here is what we are up against and how my team of chiropractors and I can help.

1. Preserve Your Muscles:
Regular exercise is your shield against muscle atrophy; it ensures the maintenance of muscle mass, strength, and functionality. Breaking the routine of exercise increases the risk of accelerated aging, leading to weakness, frailty, and physical limitations that hinder your vibrant overall health.

2. Optimize Hormonal Balance:
Exercise plays a crucial role in optimizing your hormonal balance to support longevity and vitality. Through intense workouts, your body releases essential hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-1, vital for muscle growth, tissue repair, and overall well-being. Prioritizing exercise supports your body’s natural anti-aging mechanisms, helping you maintain optimal hormone levels for a more energetic life.

3. Embrace Restorative Sleep:
Restorative sleep is a cornerstone of the anti-aging framework, enabling cellular rejuvenation and overall health. Regular exercise promotes deep, restful sleep by enhancing the release of growth hormone. Neglecting exercise compromises the quality of your sleep, impairing your body’s ability to repair and regenerate at a cellular level.

4. Ignite Your Energy Reserves:
Exercise is a natural energy booster, improving cardiovascular health and increasing oxygen circulation. Inconsistent exercise exposes you to declining energy levels, reduced endurance, and a diminished zest for life. Part of this is just plain self-discipline, but in our simultaneously hectic and sedentary lifestyles, it is extremely challenging to make exercise a non-negotiable part of your day, even when we know it gives us sustained energy levels.

5. Protect Your Hard-Earned Gains:
Research indicates that muscle mass and strength can decline within just a few weeks of stopping regular workouts.

What’s the theme? Consistency is key.
Your goals, frankly, don’t leave space in your calendar for a long recovery. We don’t sell consistency in a pill- I wish! But we can help you minimize the disruption caused by the injuries that are out of your control.

Similarly, regular “maintenance care” minimizes your risk for injury in your workouts by preventing locked up joints from creating muscle imbalances. In fact, the limited research dollars going into chiropractic are finding what my lifetime experience with this practice has shown: “chiropractic patients had fewer days with bothersome (activity-limiting) low back pain (LBP) when receiving care at regular pre-planned intervals regardless of symptoms (‘maintenance care’) compared to receiving treatment only with a new episode of LBP.”* I notice the same to be true with hip, shoulder, and knee pain, although peer reviewed studies have not yet addressed these. Any Venture Capitalists looking for pro bono research to fund? I have ideas!

Finally, professional athletes have learned it’s essential to seek appropriate support when setbacks occur rather than powering through. When I was working the Olympic Trials, 90% of the athletes sought care not because they were experiencing pain or injury, but because “something didn’t feel right” when they were pushing their limits. As always, listen to your body; it is asking for support, not posing you a stoicism challenge. Almost every big injury gives you a warning sign first.

In your pursuit of anti-aging and longevity, setbacks are inevitable. This is where the support of an excellent longevity chiropractor becomes invaluable. With almost twenty years of experience working with professional athletes and weekend warriors, I have honed my ability to fix people quickly and efficiently, delivering results far faster than traditional chiropractic methods. By addressing setbacks and optimizing your return to workouts, I can help you keep succeeding in your anti-aging journey.

Schedule an appointment today and experience the exceptional approach that has impressed professional athletes and longevity enthusiasts alike. Together, we will overcome setbacks and unlock your full potential for a vibrant, youthful life.

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*Eklund, A., Hagberg, J., Jensen, I. et al. The Nordic maintenance care program: maintenance care reduces the number of days with pain in acute episodes and increases the length of pain free periods for dysfunctional patients with recurrent and persistent low back pain – a secondary analysis of a pragmatic randomized controlled trial. Chiropr Man Therap 28, 19 (2020).