When we study athletic performance, we usually focus on strength, endurance, and skill. A new study proves we’ve been neglecting a critical element: posture.

Proper postural alignment is pivotal for preventing injuries and also plays a crucial role in maximizing an athlete’s performance. This recently published study (J. Clin. Med. 202312(14), 4618; https://doi.org/10.3390/jcm12144618) delves into the intricate connection between new posture assessments, cardiopulmonary function, and athletic excellence among collegiate athletes.

Like us desk jockeys, athletes, due to the repetitive nature of their movements and the overuse of specific muscle groups, often develop postural aberrations. These deviations from ideal posture can hamper their performance and raise the risk of injury. While previous studies have explored the link between posture and athletic training and posture and confidence, this new study provides evidence that postural abnormalities have profound effects on both respiratory function and various components of physical fitness, ultimately influencing an athlete’s overall performance.

Recent technological advancements have allowed for precise measurements of posture, including translational and rotational displacements of the head, thoracic cage, and pelvis. This detailed analysis has uncovered the postural abnormalities that can be addressed through interventions to enhance pulmonary function and athletic performance.

The study revealed moderate-to-high associations between postural parameters and cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) or lung capacity tests. Furthermore, moderate correlations were observed with the vertical jump test and the stork static balance test (SSBT) in relation to head and pelvic postures. Notably, as postural parameters became more asymmetric, both CPET and athletic performance scores declined.

We’ve long known that posture positively impacts wellbeing and confidence, but now we know it is linked to respiratory function! Dr.Villalobos always talks about the impact of posture on her ling capacity when running and here is more evidence to back her up!

Your posture is not just about how you stand; it’s about excelling in sports and optimizing your cardiopulmonary function, both crucial aspects of your athletic journey. If you’re an athlete or someone aspiring to enhance your physical performance, our Sports Chiropractic Clinic can help with our specialization in addressing postural abnormalities and helping athletes reach their full potential. Don’t let postural issues hold you back; take action today and visit our clinic to unlock your peak athletic performance!