Hey there, health enthusiasts! Ever wondered what your body’s up to when you’re not looking? Well, we’ve got a secret decoder for you – Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). Trust us; it’s like having a backstage pass to the concert of your life (er…your health).

Picture this: You’re savoring that delicious bowl of pasta and suddenly your glucose level shoots up like a rocket. Or you’re nailing that morning yoga routine, and your glucose stays as calm as a Zen master. CGM is your personal cheerleader, giving you the play-by-play on how food, exercise, and stress impact your glucose 24/7.

Now, you might be thinking, “Do I really need this?” Here are the major benefits ProActive patients have noted:

  1. Dietary Delights: CGM is your foodie sidekick, revealing how every bite affects your glucose. Say goodbye to post-meal crashes and hello to mindful munching! I was shocked to see that ice cream and sweet coffee drinks didn’t affect me as much as ~responsible~ fresh squeezed orange juice and sushi. Learning specific foods that spike your glucose and those that keep it stable leads to healthier eating habits.
  2. Supercharge Your Sweat: For the fitness junkies, CGM helps you fine-tune your nutrition to reach peak performance and recover like a champ.
  3. Battle Stress Like a Boss: Discover how stress messes with your glucose. Several patients have shared that this is the biggest impact on their spikes and the monitor’s feedback reminds them to do breathing exercises, go outside, or exercise to bring down their stress.
  4. Weight Woes No More: Uncover the secrets of how glucose and weight are intertwined, paving the way to your goals.
  5. Sweet Dreams: Learn how late-night snacks or that glass of wine before bed can impact your sleep, and reclaim those zzz’s!

But here’s the kicker – you don’t need to commit to CGM for life. Give it a whirl for a month or two, and you’ll amass an arsenal of knowledge to last a lifetime. It’s like binge-watching your favorite series, but instead, you’re binge-watching your own health saga.

After seeing monitors on my non-diabetic patients a few years ago, I started playing with it myself. Now my strategy is to use it every 9-12 months for a month or two to check for any changes as I age and face the inevitable peaks and valleys of wellness.

Armed with CGM data, you can make personalized lifestyle changes that promote long-term health and vitality. There are many companies out there, but I’ve had success with AgelessRx.com. (Caveat emptor: like many other companies, they put you on autoship so plan your membership cancellation carefully.)