ProActive Performance Care New Year’s Resolutions 

Dr. C binding himself to Odysseus's mast to stick to his New Year's resolutions with the sirens circling.

Dr. C borrowing Odysseus’s commitment device to stick to his resolutions

Are you making resolutions this year? The vibe lately has been that resolutions are oppressively guilt-inducing and doomed to failure so we should let ourselves skip them as self-care. I am so ready to sign on to this. 

But I also had a rough 2023 and need to tend my wounds, er, overcome my weaknesses. So I’ve been reading up on how to actually achieve my resolutions. It’s so much easier than, you know, starting on those goals (😋).

The two lessons that actually have some research and evidence behind them are SMART goals and commitment devices. We are here to support you if you are making health resolutions this new year. We have designed two performance care packages based on the lessons of commitment devices and SMART goals.

SMART Goals 

SMART goals create a strict, detail-oriented formula for planning your resolutions so that they are most likely to be achieved. You’re probably familiar with them, but if you need a refresher here is the University of California’s explanation.

Time-bound milestones are the game-changer for me. If I set no timeline, sitting in the hottub might be a perfectly reasonable step toward a marathon. Maybe I’m going to run it in 3 years. 🤷🏽Setting deadlines for steps along the way requires more thoughtful planning and makes me more effective in aligning current me with dream me.

Commitment Devices

Commitment devices fit in here perfectly. Remember Odysseus binding himself to the mast to avoid the temptation of the sirens? OK, probably not, but I was so deeply impressed by the absurd machismo in that move that I’ve thought back to it regularly ever since high school. Why didn’t he just use bee’s wax like everyone else? Or go around? 

Anyway, the classic example is silly, but the psychology is sound. 


Commitment devices are tools we use to make it harder to cheat on an obligation like freezing your credit card in ice to prevent overspending or promising to make a donation to a hated organization if you flake on a responsibility you’re trying to stick to.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, “Patients are more successful at achieving their health goals when they have access to commitment devices.” 

How? They enhance accountability by linking the goal to another more urgent level of stakes, creating external consequences. Some of the successful optionss are social or financial. Committing to a gym membership with a friend is an example that combines both of these. The up-front cost heightens our sense of duty to workout while also removing any immediate out-of-pocket cost to going to the gym at this particular time. The friend being there increases our desire to follow through because of the pain of letting down a friend and by developing a little healthy competition with the friend. 

How We Can Help

To support your wellness goals, we are offering two year-long packages: The ProActive Pledge Package and The Optimization Package.

Both packages require you to set out the dates at which you will come in for performance care. The structure of these dates will let you build your health goals around these check-ins. They’ll serve as milestones to review your progress.

It’s great to have someone who can support and advise you on these goals and trouble shoot any physical barriers you’re encountering on your way to achieving them. It’s even better when that person isn’t a family member. No family relationship needs *that* extra stress! 

The ProActive Pledge Package  

Flyer explaining details of the ProActive Pledge Package, a performance care commitment device

This package provides monthly visits plus discounts on other products and services to support your wellness goals for the year. There are financial savings built in on care and supportive supplements. 

The Optimization Package

Flyer explaining details of the Optimization Package, a performance care commitment device

This is the package for people whose priority this year is optimizing their health. It offers greater financial incentives for health-optimizing products and services and has you getting tune-ups and check-ins every other week. 

The real trick for each of these packages is that you must schedule every appointment for the entire year. It *is* a commitment device afterall. The idea is to keep you feeling your best. 

Are you already healthy and excellent at keeping your health goals in focus? This package is perfect for you as it sets more regular check-ins and the bigger discounts give you the opportunity to explore various supplements and products that enhance wellness. Many of these offer more subtle improvements that are ideal for someone who is already so attuned to their body that they can really appreciate the little tweaks to nudge health healthier.

Performance Care

Both of these are steps towards ideal performance care. We think of it as wellness support instead of “healthcare” as merely the response to crisis. It is routine, regular care. Benefits are myriad.

Preventive Care:

Preventive care allows for early detection and intervention, often preventing the development of more severe conditions.

Management of Chronic Conditions

For individuals with chronic conditions, regular adjustments and wellness guidance contribute to better condition control and improved quality of life.

Health Education

Regular care gives us more time to share personalized health advice about nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention allowing you to make informed decisions about your well-being.

Building a Patient-Doctor Relationship

Establishing a closer relationship with you fosters trust and open communication, both vital for effective healthcare management, as it allows for better understanding of individual health needs and preferences.

Timely Access to Medical Advice

Regular care ensures that individuals have access to timely advice when you have concerns or questions about your health. This helps prevent delays in seeking necessary care and addressing health issues promptly.

Promoting Longevity and Quality of Life

By addressing health concerns proactively and focusing on preventive measures, regular care contributes to a longer and healthier life. It promotes overall well-being, reduces the risk of complications, and enhances the quality of life.

(Guest blogger Heather)