Back from the running dead (mostly kidding)! After a five-year hiatus, I laced up for a half marathon, and let me tell you, it felt like a resurrection. Sure, I squeezed in a casual run here and there, but the Chicago Marathon in 2018 (wait, was it really that long ago?) was my last official race. Crazy, right? Especially since I’d just moved to California.

Training for this half was equal parts exciting and terrifying. As a rusty runner, I decided to use our office’s competition package to keep me at my best. Weekly visits with Dr. C kept my body in check (seriously, those treatments were a lifesaver). Let’s be honest, things creaked a bit more than they used to. Low back pain? Check. Knee woes? A new, unwelcome friend. But hey, that’s the comeback game, right?

Alright, let’s get real for a sec. Now, I’m a firm believer in taking charge of your health, but there are times you gotta call in a pro. Full disclosure: I may be a pro at keeping others healthy, but when it comes to myself? Jury’s out. 

Enter the game-changer: a training guide. Trying to figure out the right exercises, stretches, and that all-important “homework” outside the office on my own? No thanks. Having someone to guide me through the process – that was the magic bullet.

The truth is, our bodies are complex beasts. We can’t always diagnose (or fix) our own imbalances, especially when we’re pushing ourselves for a big race. Dr.C helped me identify weaknesses, create a personalized plan, and most importantly, kept me accountable (because let’s face it, treating ourselves is WAY more fun than foam rolling).

San Francisco’s streets became my training ground. We (me and my friends) tried to dodge the hills, but let’s face it, those sneaky inclines found us anyway. Turning this into a girls’ getaway made it awesome, and honestly, the race itself went way smoother than I expected.

Physically, I felt ready (thanks to Dr.C). Mentally? Not so much. Half marathons were uncharted territory after so long. But then I remembered my 12-mile training runs. Heck, I’d conquered marathons before! It was all about silencing the doubts and hitting the pavement.

Race day arrived, and yep, nerves were high (friends included). Rain was the cherry on top, but we embraced the adventure. The course? Stunning! Ocean views the whole way, and a sea of happy runners – gotta love the camaraderie. I spent most of the race cruising, feeling strong, and most importantly, my knees (thanks cross-training!) were holding up beautifully. Then, in the final three miles, a playful race with my friends erupted (don’t worry: I won). 

Beyond the victory dance with my friends, I’m incredibly proud of myself. Running’s back in my life, maybe not at marathon intensity, but definitely here to stay. A few more half marathons are on the horizon, along with those weekend long runs with the crew.

So, aspiring runners out there: If you’re eyeing a marathon or half this year, check out ProActive’s training plans. They were my glue some weeks, my cheerleader others. And for any aches and pains? Don’t wait! See a pro like myself and Dr. C and keep moving towards those goals!


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