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Let our Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialists Help you Adjust Your Work Environments and Educate You on Methods to Reduce Injury Risks at Work.
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What Ergonomic Evaluation Means at ProActive Chiropractic?

Since people spend most of their day in the office, it is vital to ensure employees maintain work productivity without exposing themselves to physical hazards.

An ergonomic evaluation is an objective study of an individual’s workstation and environment. It is done to reduce the physical strain on the worker. Based on these findings, we recommend healthier working postures and workstation setup. 

With the help of a certified ergonomic evaluation specialist team at our office, a comprehensive ergonomic assessment report is formulated to outline all the findings and suggestions.

ProActive Ergonomic Evaluation San Francisco

ProActive Chiropractic provides expert ergonomic evaluations in San Francisco CA. 

An evaluation to find underlying issues with pain.

Each new patient in our office will receive a comprehensive posture evaluation and 3-dimensional foot scan, revealing potential hidden problems that could go unnoticed. In addition, we offer virtual ergonomic assessments at a much lower cost than a traditional in-office ergonomic assessment.

Equally important to diet and exercise, understanding how your body is commonly positioned against gravity can help doctors find the underlying issue with chronic pain.

Our Featured Ergonomic Assessment Steps

The 7 Steps for Conducting an Ergonomic Assessment Include: 


Review Existing Data & Any Past Ergonomic Assessments


Establish A Standard Ergonomic Assessment Method


Get A Real-Life Picture Of Your Facility By Subjective Observations


Engage Employees & Get Direct Feedback On Their Workspaces


Gather Objective Data Analytically


Assess Data And Prioritize Risk


Craft A Plan to Implement Mitigation

Pros of Good Ergonomics

Reduces Cost

Reduces Cost

Having ergonomic office furniture will save you a whole lot of money. 

Improves Productivity

Improves Productivity

The more comfortable workstation, the greater is the work productivity. 


Boosts Quality

Boosts Quality

With better ergonomics, employees are more focused & deliver the best quality work.

Engages Employees

Engages Employees

Increases the morale and commitment level of workers ensuring their comfortability.

Ergonomically Adjusting Your Environment

Adjusting the workplace by implementing ergonomically-based practices will enhance comfort and productivity. It may involve adjustments to your chair, desk, monitor, and work practices before finding the most effective one. 

At ProActive Chiropractic, we do a comprehensive posture evaluation with the help of our experts and state-of-art equipment to identify the underlying problem. 

Moreover, we offer virtual ergonomic assessments at a much affordable cost.

Each evaluation includes a report that employers can use to show how they are resolving employee concerns. Based on observations and information collected and discussions held, each customized report contains recommendations to the individual.

We provide solutions to improve employee productivity, well-being, and morale through our Ergonomic Evolution!

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