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Best Rehabilitative Exercise Experts target specific muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons to maximize recovery from chronic injury or health conditions.
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Why Rehabilitative Exercises?

Rehabilitation is the process of restoring optimal form and function following an injury. The aim is to restore the strength and mobility of the affected body part, which is achieved through rehabilitation exercises. 

You may suffer from an injury during an accident or sport. These musculoskeletal injuries can have a detrimental effect on everyday functioning. 

Interventions like rehabilitation exercises help individuals of all ages to return to their daily life activities and do whatever they love. 

Our doctors prescribe these exercises that help reduce the pain by relaxing tightened muscles and strengthening muscles to support the spine. 

Before diving deep into these exercises, you must understand the principles of the rehabilitation process.

We let you understand the basic principles of the rehabilitation process to get it better started.

Chiropractic Rehabilitative Exercises

ProActive Chiropractic provides exercises & rehabilitation services in San Francisco CA.
Proactive approach for continued health and long-lasting results.
Our journey to improve your health and wellness doesn’t stop when you leave the office. At ProActive Chiropractic, we honor a mutual collaborative effort by our doctors and you, our patients. As it is our job to correct the underlying source of pain, we encourage our patients to perform customized rehabilitative exercises at home, in the office, or at the gym.
These specific exercises help relax painfully tight muscles and build strength to key muscles groups which are imperative for spinal support.

We are excited to help you get back to the things you love, and by performing the prescribed exercises given by our doctors, we will get you there in no time. 

Rehabilitative Exercises Principles


Avoid Injury Aggravation


Take Quick-Step Towards Exercises


Prioritizing Patient’s Compliance, Motivation, Focus, and Effort


Keeping Individualization in Mind


Following Specific Sequence Depending on Body’s Response


Keeping Intensity Level in Accordance


Focusing the Whole Body Recovery

Rehabilitative Core Exercises

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening Exercises

Performed with heavy resistance and lesser repetitions to encourage muscles growth & strength.

Endurance Exercises

Endurance Exercises

Aim to engage larger muscles for a more extended period, helping to improve the health of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system.

Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility Exercises

Include stretching to boost the pliability of the body and help prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems at the core.

Coordination Exercises

Coordination Exercises

Focuses on maintaining a patient’s center of gravity, Improves the form, and enhances mood & mental health.

What Do We Offer?

Our doctors and physiotherapists offer a range of exercises that engage various body parts to facilitate both recovery and performance. Given below are the some of exercises that our experts provide at ProActive Chiropractic:

  • Rehabilitative Knee Exercises
  • Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises
  • Exercises for Lower Back Pain
  • Rehabilitation Exercise for Scoliosis
  • Rehabilitation Exercise for Shoulder (Rotator Cuff Stretches)
  • Rehabilitation Exercises for Neck pain
  • Total Body Stretching
  • Exercises for Hip

Our specialists provide plenty of Detox Programs, Lab Testing, and Stress Management Techniques.

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