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I Hate New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions are extremely charged; either you're someone who loves them and has them front and center in your mind, or you're "not a New Year’s resolution" person. If you haven’t set a resolution, this post is for you. The New Year is an exciting time for...

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Health Update

The WHO has now classified Monkeypox as a public emergency of international concern. At ProActive Chiropractic, we are continuing to use the utmost precautions to keep our community safe. At our office, we use hygienic face paper rolls that are changed between each...

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Food to Boost Your Mood

The one question that I get from everyone who lays on my table is “How did my body get so misaligned?” There are three main reasons that cause misalignments; physical stress (traumas), emotional stress (thoughts), and chemical stress (toxins). Has your neck or back...

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Putting more thoughts behind your steps

The body is designed to work as one. Your neck or back pain could be coming from somewhere else entirely! Whenever we are standing, walking, or running, our feet are the first point of contact that make it possible for us to stay vertical. The lower limbs are the...

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