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Chiropractic Adjustment from Sitting Too Much

ProActive Chiropractic provides expert chiropractic adjustments for pain from sitting too much in San Francisco CA. 

  • Weight Gain
  • Back Pain
  • Bad Posture

As any Bay Area resident will tell you, the majority of our day revolves around sitting. Whether it’s the long commute to and from work, spending the entire day at work on a computer, staring at our cell phones, or watching our favorite T.V show at home, the sedentary lifestyle we lead is detrimental to our health. These activities share a common theme and can lead to muscular imbalance in the body.

At ProActive Chiropractic, we effectively use movement based screening to identify where the imbalance is so that we can accurately treat and reverse dysfunctional patterns to get you moving better and faster throughout your day. In addition to movement screen tests, rehab stretches and exercises are given to help strengthen weak muscles that are critical for joint stability and relax tight muscles necessary for appropriate functionality.

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