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Pain during Pregnancy, Prenatal & Postnatal

ProActive Chiropractic provides expert gentle chiropractic adjustments for pain in surrounding pregnancy in San Francisco CA. 

It’s an exciting time in our patient’s life when they decide to prepare to have a child. It’s no secret that pregnancy is very laborious and demanding on the body. The last thing expecting mothers want to worry about is chronic aches and pains that follow them throughout their entire pregnancy experience especially when common over the counter medications are off the table. Dr. Cohen has specialty training in prenatal care and is one of the few Webster Technique providers in San Francisco. That combined with his sports specialty we are the go-to for those mothers who want to stay active during their preganancy. 

That is why the ProActive Chiropractic team is here to ease your worries by carefully diagnosing and treating the underlying issue. Utilizing gentle chiropractic adjustments and supportive Kinesio Taping methods, our doctors are happily able to offer women a healthy pain-free pregnancy.

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