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Pain from Degenerative Joint Disease

ProActive Chiropractic provides expert chiropractic adjustments for pain from degenerative joint disease in San Francisco CA. 

Degenerative Joint Disease, also known as Osteoarthritis, is a progressive disorder that affects the cartilage surrounding the area of bone that moves inside the joint. Currently affecting over 27 million Americans over the age of 25, the degeneration is typically seen in weight bearing joints such as the knee or hip however, it may also occur in other joints in the hands and neck.

Many patients suffering from this disorder express pain, stiffness, and loss of flexibility, especially in the morning.

At ProActive Chiropractic, we not only educate our patients on ways to take control of their healing process, but also help restore motion in the restricted joints that are causing pain.

In addition to manual adjusting techniques, our doctors have extensive experience when using tools like Graston, Myofascial Release Technique, Low Level Laser Therapy. Rehab stretches and exercises are also prescribed in order to help strengthen weak muscles that are critical for joint stability and lengthen tight muscles necessary for proper motion.

Our hands on approach will increase your flexibility, help circulate blood flow and nutrients to the area, and decrease your pain efficiently to get you back doing the things you love.

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