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eSports Injuries

ProActive Chiropractic provides expert chiropractic adjustments for eSport injuries.

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Issues include:

  • Fatigue
  • muscle pain
  • slower reaction time
  • back pain
  • wrist and shoulder tension as a result of often 10+ hours of sitting a day

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies and its popularity is growing each day. Esports is being recognized as official sports and tournaments are being held worldwide.

These include:

  • 2019 Fortnite World Cup
  • Call of Duty World League (CWL)
  • HALO World Championship
  • League of Legends World Championship.
  • The International.
  • IEM Katowice.
  • The Overwatch League.
  • PUBG Global Championship.

Getting the right skill set and expertise in games requires a lot of focus and incredibly long periods of sitting. At times gaming can become an addiction and at some point, all of us are pulling all-nighters to win over some season matches to win special prizes or to compete against some rival team for winning. League matches and tournament practices are even more stressful and require extensive sitting in the same posture and place for hours or over multiple days.

This does not come without its fair share of side effects and has a considerable toll on the body. Long term sitting and focusing on screens can cause you nervous system stress, muscle pains, backache and a lot of other health issues that certainly require expertise to handle them efficiently to make sure your gaming hobby does not have any effect on your health. In fact, if they aren’t handled it can interfere with your focus and response time. That’s where we come in. Book a consult to talk to a doctor today.

During our sports chiropractic sessions we will address all the health issues you are going through playing your favorite games so you can enjoy life at its fullest and not let back pain or muscle aches get in the way of you scoring your desired tournament slot.

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