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Lindsay C. Avatar
Lindsay C.

5 star rating I've had two appointments with ProActive Chiropractic for my foot. I always thought chiropractors would focus on the back but I like the holistic approach the doctors at ProActive take.
I saw Dr.Chu for my initial assessment and she walked me through the process and would work on each area of the body and see...
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- 12 Mar 2019

Kiana C. Avatar
Kiana C.

5 star rating I've been seeing Dr. Nancy Chu for about a year now. I came in with TMJ problems and headaches, in which she used a technique called Craniosacral that helped alleviate my pain and headaches. I have also played volleyball and basketball for many years now and she was able to address any mechanical dysfunction and... read more - 05 Mar 2019

Tony W. Avatar
Tony W.

5 star rating Both Nancy Chu and Andrew Cohen have done wonders in helping me feel like myself again. I originally went in for a deep knot in my back, but Nancy helped me with other chronic injuries, like my knee surgery or my injured finger. For both of those injuries, I had already mentally accepted that they... read more - 05 Nov 2019

Sam S. Avatar
Sam S.

5 star rating When I first came to Proactive to work with Nancy, I had been struggling with 10 years of ongoing shoulder, back, and neck pain. Despite seeing numerous doctors and physical therapists, nothing improved the pain. I began to distrust any additional trips to see experts, and thought I'd never be solved. After just my first... read more - 14 Jan 2020

erin e. Avatar
erin e.

5 star rating These people literally changed my life. They are kind, funny, and fun. But most importantly they are awesome chiropractors! I have them to thank for helping me manage chronic neck and shoulder pain which was adversely affecting every aspect of my existence. Very happy I have found them. Cannot recommend them enough! - 30 Mar 2019

Ayaka W. Avatar
Ayaka W.

5 star rating Dr. Nancy Chu is simply amazing and I'm so glad that I found her & Proactive Chiropractic. The work she does just feels like pure magic and if I had to sum her up I'd describe her as "Chiropractor 3000". The treatments at Proactive Chiropractic goes beyond just cracking your neck and back.... read more - 15 Aug 2019

Quintin L. Avatar
Quintin L.

5 star rating First chiropractor I've seen and have no regrets. Dr. Chu really dives deep to find the cause of your problems and fix them so they don't come back and also develops plans so you can get better at home too. After my sessions with Dr. Chu I feel like a different person and would recommend... read more - 16 Jul 2019

jackie u. Avatar
jackie u.

5 star rating This place is the best place to get chiropractic care. Ask for Nancy, she is amazing! I love the way she is attentive and listens to what my needs are. I like how she incorporates different things into the session that connects the mind and body as well. It is awesome how everything correlates with... read more - 27 May 2020

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