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Aida B. Avatar
Aida B.

5 star rating I am in love with Dr. Chu! She is great, very friendly and knowledgeable! She was able to identify all my issues and is helping to solve them. I already had 5 sessions and was able to see the results so far. After every session feel so relaxed and toned! - 16 Jul 2019

Tony W. Avatar
Tony W.

5 star rating Both Nancy Chu and Andrew Cohen have done wonders in helping me feel like myself again. I originally went in for a deep knot in my back, but Nancy helped me with other chronic injuries, like my knee surgery or my injured finger. For both of those injuries, I had already mentally accepted that they... read more - 05 Nov 2019

Nicole T. Avatar
Nicole T.

5 star rating Proactive Chiropractic has truly saved me. Having been a pilates instructor for many years now, I've maintained consistent aches and pains throughout my entire body from tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, inability to move limbs - you name it. Orthopedic doctors and scans instructed to get physical therapy and after years of that I was... read more - 17 Apr 2020

Ayaka W. Avatar
Ayaka W.

5 star rating Dr. Nancy Chu is simply amazing and I'm so glad that I found her & Proactive Chiropractic. The work she does just feels like pure magic and if I had to sum her up I'd describe her as "Chiropractor 3000". The treatments at Proactive Chiropractic goes beyond just cracking your neck and back.... read more - 15 Aug 2019

Lindsay C. Avatar
Lindsay C.

5 star rating I've had two appointments with ProActive Chiropractic for my foot. I always thought chiropractors would focus on the back but I like the holistic approach the doctors at ProActive take.
I saw Dr.Chu for my initial assessment and she walked me through the process and would work on each area of the body and see...
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- 12 Mar 2019

Vladik S. Avatar
Vladik S.

5 star rating Dr. Nancy Chu is legit! At first I didn't understand why she told me to close my right eye, and then after, my left eye, put my hands together up in an air. But!!! After she adjusted me and used multiple analogies, I was able to understand that she was trying to realign my body!... read more - 06 Apr 2019

Ryan R. Avatar
Ryan R.

5 star rating The doctors and staff at ProActive Chiropractic are professional, friendly, and effective!

I paid ProActive a visit after experiencing some long-standing rib pain from a heavy squat session.
I'd been to a couple chiropractors before finding ProActive, but never really had my issues resolved.

Doctor Chu was able to identify the issue, and showed me some underlying imbalances...
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- 06 May 2019

Anthony C. Avatar
Anthony C.

5 star rating ProActive Chiropractic is the gold standard of chiropractic work in my opinion. I played college football and needless to say 10 years later I still deal with all my old injuries. The ProActive protocol Dr. Cohen has created is the most effective work I have experienced. My favorite part of this protocol is the autonomy... read more - 06 Mar 2020

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