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Rebecca M. Avatar
Rebecca M.

5 star rating Dr. Cohen changed my life! I was injured in a serious ski accident in March of 2015. A snow boarder lost control, his board released, and the board struck me right in the knee cap. I suffered an open wound multiple compound fracture of the patella. I had emergency surgery in... read more - 23 Feb 2020

Taylor M. Avatar
Taylor M.

5 star rating The team at ProActive brings a unique and refreshing approach to the chiropractic profession that has proven results. Dr. Cohen is filled with knowledge and experience and treats every patient with great care. I have personally been treated by Dr. Chu for a long time. She always works with me to get to the root... read more - 06 Apr 2019

Andrew D. Avatar
Andrew D.

5 star rating I highly recommend Dr Nancy Chu. I had come in due to a lower back problem and she ending up fixing every problem I've dealt with my whole life.

I had a left shoulder issue which two Chiropractors I've seen in the past could not fix. It hurt everytime I performed overhead presses or pull ups....
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- 06 Aug 2019

Kayla C. Avatar
Kayla C.

5 star rating I am amazed by the care at Proactive Chiropractic! I have been seeing Dr. Nancy Chu for issues with my neck, back, and posture. She is so knowledgeable and has been amazing so far in making adjustments to my body. The concept of "everything is connected" is so intriguing, as I am a nurse and... read more - 31 May 2019

Megan J. Avatar
Megan J.

5 star rating TL;DR: 11/10 recommend.Seriously. I've seen a number of medical providers over the years thanks to chronic medical condition + broken bones. My family has 2 RNs, a professor of clinical neurology/former El Camino Chief of Staff, & a radiology tech. I approach my medical team/body care in a holistic manner, and proactive aligns very well... read more - 26 Jun 2020

Shantai W. Avatar
Shantai W.

5 star rating I highly recommend ProActive Chiropractic! I had been experiencing shoulder pain and cracking for nearly a year, and I am thrilled that Dr Nancy Chu helped me resolve it within 2 treatments. She's a great adjuster and I look forward to treatment with her every time! - 03 Apr 2019

Kiana C. Avatar
Kiana C.

5 star rating I've been seeing Dr. Nancy Chu for about a year now. I came in with TMJ problems and headaches, in which she used a technique called Craniosacral that helped alleviate my pain and headaches. I have also played volleyball and basketball for many years now and she was able to address any mechanical dysfunction and... read more - 05 Mar 2019

Andrea J. Avatar
Andrea J.

5 star rating The practitioners here are incredible and I've had an awesome experience! I had never been comfortable with anyone doing adjustments on me in the past but both Dr. C and Nancy have always made me feel really comfortable through the whole process and never pushed beyond my comfort level. I definitely feel like I'm in... read more - 21 Jun 2019

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