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Tinna H. Avatar
Tinna H.

5 star rating I have a short list of my "go to" places when it comes to health/wellness. ProActive Chiropractic has been a part of my wellness journey for years now, so I'm happy to write this review and proclaim that they're the best! I've worked with both Dr. Chu and Dr. Cohen, and they're both top notch.... read more - 24 May 2022

John 2. Avatar
John 2.

5 star rating Great Costumer service and friendly staff! Perfect for athletes who are willing to take their training into the next level! I greatly recommend it! - 23 Mar 2022

Luis G. Avatar
Luis G.

5 star rating I've seen Nancy Chu for a variety of athletic issues over the course of the last year and have been very happy with her care.

First, I suffered an SI sprain from yoga which she helped to address and also referred me to a trainer to help prevent a reoccurrence. Next, I suffered an anterior...
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- 21 Mar 2022

Mandy B. Avatar
Mandy B.

5 star rating I've always been extremely skeptical of chiropractors, but I was finally convinced to go to ProActive after watching several friends heal with their help. It's been amazing! My chronic pain has improved in just 3 visits. Highly recommend. - 24 Feb 2022

Milli B. Avatar
Milli B.

5 star rating I decided that 2022 is my year of health, after the last two years of the pandemic have been more about comfort 😉 prior to 2020 I was working in the fitness industry, so taking care of myself physically was easy and part of my every day life.
But my body has changed and altered and...
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- 16 Feb 2022

Chris J. Avatar
Chris J.

5 star rating I've been going to chiropractors since 2009 and every session was the same thing over and over again. I never received an actual diagnosis or solution to my back problems but momentarily I felt better. I recently started visiting Dr.Chu and from the start my mind was blown by how knowledgeable she is. She explained... read more - 16 Feb 2022

Brad V. Avatar
Brad V.

5 star rating Dr. Chu is without a doubt the best chiropractor I've come across and I've seen a lot! She fully understands the human body and all it's complexities, educating you along the way. I am so happy to have found her! - 07 Oct 2021

Alexandra Z. Avatar
Alexandra Z.

5 star rating Proactive Chiropractic is wonderful! Both doctors are extremely knowledgeable and able to help diagnose and fix my pain in only a few appointments. I have felt so much better since starting with them a year ago and continue to go monthly for "tune-ups." I would highly recommend them! - 27 Sep 2021

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ProActive Chiropractic SF is one of the best-applied kinesiology & sports chiropractors in San Francisco. Located in downtown San Francisco’s financial district.

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