ProActive Protocol: Sports Muscle Testing Seminar

Hundreds of students and new docs have shadowed and worked events with me and many ask if I would teach a workshop on running a sports practice independent from insurance.

At the end of your first year, I want you to be as skilled and make as much as I did at year five. Learn the techniques and the best way to explain the magic. Be a keystone of your patient’s goals. Grow a thriving cash sports practice — whether starting your own or rocking a commission-based associateship.

Here’s why I’m teaching, the profession is flourishing, but graduates are pounding two well-worn paths: the joint with its heavy focus on cracking and Airrosti with a contrasting focus on soft tissue. Many students and new docs want a sports practice that allows them to treat the way they want AND get paid what their hard-earned expertise warrants. With the ProActive Protocol, you get that. I know it works because after I’ve trained associates in this approach, patients pay over $400 for their first visit with those fresh-out-of-school associates. And they’re thrilled to do it because they understand the importance of what we’re doing and feel the improvement immediately.

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