Hundreds of students and new docs have shadowed and worked events with me and many ask if I would teach a workshop on running a sports practice independent from insurance.

  • Blow patients away with your knowledge.
  • Charge what you deserve.
  • Exude confidence.
  • Get results so quickly that patients ask, “Are you magic?”

At the end of your first year, I want you to be as skilled and make as much as I did at year five. Learn the techniques and the best way to explain the magic. Be a keystone of your patients’ goals. Grow a thriving cash sports practice — whether starting your own or rocking a commission-based associateship.

Here’s why I’m teaching, the profession is flourishing, but graduates are pounding two well-worn paths: The Joint with its heavy focus on cracking and Airrosti with a contrasting focus on soft tissue. Many students and new docs want a sports practice that allows them to treat the way they want AND get paid what their hard-earned expertise warrants. With ProActive Protocol, you get that. I know it works because after I’ve trained associates in this approach, patients pay over $400 for their first visit with those fresh-out-of-school associates. And they’re thrilled to do it because they understand the importance of what we’re doing and feel the improvement immediately.

What it’s not: This is not a 100-hour AK certification course or a starting into practice seminar. I encourage everyone to take those. This is a distillation of over $50k worth of continuing education, a 15 years in practice, and the lessons I learned growing up in my family’s chiropractic clinics.

The profession needs highly skilled ambassadors who can demonstrate how and why chiropractic is critical for any athlete. The “pop” is not enough in a time when insurance is dwindling or co-pays are over 60 bucks. Athletes need to know you are an expert, see your skills, and feel improvement right away. ProActive Sports Muscle Testing will make all that immediately evident!

Nuts and Bolts

There are no hidden fees. We have one cost. That’s all!
Date: Saturday, July 23rd, 2022 from 10:00am – 2:00pm

Location: Positive Motion Chiropractic in Los Gatos (16 minutes from PCCW campus)

Price: Students and Recent Unlicensed Grads:

  • $219 – early bird (> 3 week to the event)
  • $279 – regular (< 3 week to the event)

Licensed Doctors:

  • $499 – early bird (> 3 week to the event)
  • $599 – regular (< 3 week to the event)

Cancellation policy: Full refund for the first 48 hours. 50% refund until four weeks prior. After that, no refund. The course is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If you sit through the whole seminar, and don’t love it, you can have your money back. Twelve minimum to run the class.

Goals: How to apply muscle testing to improve patient outcomes and market your practice.

You’ll learn: Hands-on practice with the ProActive approach to muscle testing, blocking SOT Cat 1, 2 and 3 which are critical to running and lifting, neurological eye testing to get great results and blow patients’ minds, the most common running issues you’ll see, and the top two spinal fixations that diminish athletic performance. But equally important, you’ll learn how to explain everything we do to patients in a way that makes them eager to pay you.

Register via Venmo. It is important that in the memo section include your full name, email, and quarter of school or date you graduated.